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TIP Technology™ researches, designs and produces the next generation of innovative skateboarding technologies. Once upon a time skateboarding companies designed and innovated products that actually made a difference and improved the rider’s experience, it´s our main goal on giving it back to the skateboard community.

TIP Technology™ has a different philosophy, we want everyone to have fun and we are convinced that this begins with your equipment. Finally skateboarders have company committed to technologies which make a difference, if you believe we can make skateboarding better with TIP Technology™ too, join our movement.


Look in the magazines, check out Youtube, what do you see the pros in the pictures and videos ride? The answer is a new deck... You never see a pro riding worn-out razor tailed decks. So, why do sponsored riders replace their decks often? Because standard disposable decks have old fashioned wooden tips and every ollie causes permanent damage to the deck.

Unprotected tips wear down and the deck loses its POP and response quicky. This leads to dud POP, inconsistency and slower progression. A worn deck simply hinders you from progressing towards being a better skater.

TIP Technology™ decks help you skate better because, ”metal hard” advanced plastic composite TIPs have more POP power than soft wood could ever have.

Smart replaceable TIP Technology™, the technology that lets you preserve new board POP and gives perfect response throughout the decks life span. It’s like always riding a new deck.

TiP Technology